How to choose cheque

Payroll cheque with large voucher on top VL150
Your first question is most probably How to choose cheque…. Viceroy carry all the cheques and compatible supplies that you will need, for any account at Canadian financial institution, including all banks and credit unions.
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Which cheque you need depends on the software you are using to print them (We also have manual cheques, if you don’t use computer to issue your cheques).
QuickBooks, Sage, ACCPAC, MYOB, BusinessVision, ERP, Abacus, Easypay, Lonewolf, Quicken and some others use Cheque on Top of the page with stubs below it, for both Payroll and Accounts Payable applications. There is also an option of 3 cheques on page, without any stubs, if you prefer (no change in price per cheque).
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ACCPAC, BusinessVision, Dynacom, Abacus, Easypay, Newviews also use Cheque in the Middle of the page with stubs above and below it, mostly for Accounts Payable.
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PC Law uses Cheque at the Bottom of the page, with stubs above it, or Cheque in the Middle.
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To help you choose the correct cheque and stub for your Easypay software, answer the following question:

Do you need a detailed Year-to-date Earning Statement or
This pay period non-detailed Earning Statement?

For detailed statement choose the VL150.
VL150 cheque – has Extra Large Voucher on Top, size: Laser 8.5″x11″

For non-detailed statement choose VL103, VL107.
Laser Cheque VL103 – has Unimprinted Voucher on Bottom, with cheque on top, size: 8.5″x11″
Laser Cheque VL107 – has Unimprinted Voucher Top and Bottom, with cheque in the middle, size: 8.5″x11″

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Direct Deposit reporting forms information.
Follow cheques page to learn more on what you need to order your cheques, browse through available security features and other options.