Laser Custom Shape Labels

Unlock Your Thinking with Custom Shape Labels

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Custom Shape Labels lately. And you may need some, but are afraid to ask, because you can’t pay a lot for labels. Let us explain why you can afford custom shaped labels now!


Everyone loves free stuff but most people are skeptical of it because all too often we find out it’s not really free. That’s not the case with current die cutting. On your label orders, custom die cutting is FREE! Our laser die cutting technology allows you to create practically any custom shape label you can imagine, and best of all…say it with me now…it’s FREE!

Low Cost

Producing labels using a digital process allows pricing to be very economical! By not paying for an expensive die, you can get really creative with your custom shapes for the same cost as boring, old squares! Why not stand out with a unique shape at the same low cost!

Low Quantities

This goes hand in hand with our first point (remember the free thing??). If you aren’t paying for a die, you don’t have to worry about ordering a large quantity to get ‘the best bang for your buck’. You can order as low as 100 labels! Yes, you heard me right… only 100. This is perfect for your small business when you maybe just want to ‘try it out’, or perhaps you are a small company with a large product line, needing just a few labels for each product.

Laser Die Cutter for custom shape labels

Whatever the reason, you can now be creative with your use of Custom Shape Labels!

Stun your competitors and dazzle your customers with Custom Shape Labels in your branding package.

We also produce barcode labels or QR Code labels! Ever wondered what it is? It’s a coded message that (when scanned ‘on-the-go’ with a smartphone or other mobile device) sends mobile user right to the web address you want them to visit.
This QR code provides VIF contact info

Our Guarantee: All our labels are manufactured in Canada, from the highest quality materials.

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