Protect your business from fraud.

Our standard cheques are printed on the best Defensa® Design SG security paper, used by governments and businesses for high security documents, and it is your best defense against document alteration, forgery and counterfeiting, at no extra charge. This paper contains large visible under light fibers and Printloc toner adhesion technology to prevent toner removal. It is also designed so that any use of bleach, oxidizers, solvents, acid or alkali materials will trigger a colour reaction.
It additionally has watermark protection, two-sided patterns that prevent cutting and pasting, plus much more.

This security paper is Sustainable Forests Initiative certified.

We also use specific pantograph pattern and micro-printed warnings, combined with the special backing. Complex pattern design is a strong deterrent to alteration attempts.

These security features, combined with systematic persistent security approach in running your business, make up the secure operation standard.
The following steps are helpful in protecting your cheques from fraud:

  • Keep cheques in physically secured area, with authorized personnel access only.
  • Use two signature lines where applicable
  • Monitor your bank statements regularly and frequently
  • Restrict level of negotiable funds at your bank, like you limit credit on your credit card
  • Keep your IT security high on accounting, as well as all networked to accounting, computers.
  • Shred all sensitive documents
  • Keep in mind that high security cheques are only one step in best business security practices

Why hologram is not a real security feature for cheques:

Although fused into official banknotes, hologram is not a feature that makes cheques more secure.

  • Hologram on cheques is usually just a metal foil sticker that is easily available wherever office products or school supplies are sold
  • CPA does not require nor regulates holograms as security feature
  • As Financial Institutions must follow CPA specifications, they also do not require nor do they pay attention to holograms
  • Hologram may interfere with RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) technology or your printing process