T4 envelopes

T4 envelopes with standard (grey decco) security artlining

If you handle Canadian T4 Tax Forms, you need an envelope to distribute this form retaining confidentiality of personal information.

Viceroy Forms offers T4 Envelopes, with Double Window, for Canadian T4 Tax Forms, with security artlining (T4ENV2).
We deliver anywhere in Canada. Change from previous year: We do not ship to USA this year. Sorry!
Accepted forms of payments are: cheque or email money transfer.

Box of 500 1000 1500 2500
Price (double window) $136 $196 $336 $513

Applicable taxes will be added. Shipping is free to most Canadian Provinces for packages with 500 envelopes and up.
To order, call 647-378-6051 or fill in Quick Contact form at the bottom of this screen.

Standard office envelopes do not work efficiently. Most office envelopes also do not have artlining required to ensure confidentiality.

We have just the right solution for you.

Special T4 Tax Form envelopes from Viceroy Forms will make your task of distributing T4 Tax Forms to your employees easier and faster.

You would need the ‘origami’ skills, trying to fit forms to standard envelopes. It won’t work. Try our specially designed envelope. It works! The size of the T4 Tax Form Envelope is 5 ¾”D x 9″W with a double window. The interior of the envelope is artlined with security pattern, professionally developed for confidentiality lining.

Window envelopes make labour process of mailing or handing out forms quick and efficient. Possibility of mistakes in sending document to the wrong addressee is completely eliminated, because name and address show through the window. No labels are required and accounting offices can easily handle multiple businesses with one type of envelope.