The right bookkeeping supplies

Are you ready to tackle your day?The Bookkeepers know how to do things just right. The workflow is important. Daily routine is important. Double-checking and cross-referencing numbers is very important. The right bookkeeping supplies are important. Deadlines are meant to be met. Sometimes a perforation just in the right spot can save your day.

And we understand that like no others.

Purchasing the bookkeeping ‘stuff’ from us, you can be sure that you can trust our process and product.

Our cheques are subtly glamorous and technically perfect – no dolphins or Mounties or flags, but solid anti-fraud technology, Premium Security Defensa® paper, and intricate pattern lines that you will not find somewhere else. Choose your colour without any extra charges. They are guaranteed to fit your software if unaltered. Shipping is free to most Canadian provinces.

Look very professional and do the things right with our complementary confidential, double window cheque envelopes. They not only save you time, but also make sure you don’t mix-up sensitive documents and recipients. That’s what the right bookkeeping supplies do!

Your boss will have no complaints, just praises.

Doing any time card reports, year-to-date or current period earnings statements is easy when your page has the perforations just in the right spot. Design your own stubs size or use the most popular forms that make possible to separate parts of the page quickly and fold where you need it, to fit any envelope you have.

Talking about reports, if you have employees, you need to submit and distribute T4 Tax Forms before Feb 28th each year. This deadline has a tendency to sneak up on you. But we have your back with our efficiency product, T4 Tax Forms envelopes. They are confidential, with windows in just the right places, and fit perfectly Canadian T4 forms. If you stuffed those so far to a plain, large, letter-size envelopes, dare to compare the difference! No addressing, no embarrassing errors, full confidentiality. That’s the difference of the right bookkeeping supplies.

You’ll be compliant, and on time!

You can even use it for completely different applications, like printing copies of the cheque(s) without using actual cheque stock, when you use 3-to-a-page computer cheques. There are many uses for easily separable sections of the laser copy page in an office.

Labels are a very useful supply for marking folders to create your own, easy sorting/archiving system. Design your own label, and we’ll make it! For that matter, we also produce forms with incorporated label, barcoding labels, forms with jumbo numbers, and snapsets that cut contract printing times in half, if you are using established by your company Terms and Conditions.

At the end, you will have less papers in your office, while being better organized. Here are a few tips how to get to this office nirvana… without sweating too much.

…And that’s how to reduce stress, with just a few smart bookkeeping supplies…

or have us remind you before you run out of supplies


Having easy day