Welcome Value Drug Mart Associate Stores

We are very pleased that Viceroy’s VL 150 cheque has been chosen as the standard cheque for Payroll and Accounts Payable operations in conjunction with MagStar software.

Cheque features:
These cheques are designed for laser or inkjet computer printers, but dot matrix (continuous format) version is also available.
Aside from being able to pay your bills, this cheque is a standard format for EasyPay payroll – where you can print cheque and “Detailed Earnings Statement”.
(See Direct Deposit forms for EasyPay software)

The VL 150 cheques come in a standard blue background (see options), using Viceroy’s security pantograph design. The back of the cheque has a security imprint that says “Original document” when viewed at a 20 degree angle of incidence with reflected light.

The Value Drug Mart Association’s logo in black ink is supplied free with each new order with Viceroy’s compliments.

Order process.

  1. Order online below or through downloadable order form.
  2. Decide on quantity, start number, color (eight colours are available, see options)
  3. Viceroy ships by bonded ground courier. If you have another preference, please indicate.
  4. If this is your first cheque order from us, please provide Viceroy with a sample cheque that has current information, or MCR information from your bank: this information will appear on your cheque.
  5. Complete the shipping, billing and mailing information.
  6. Indicate your method of payment. First time buyers are required to pay with order. Subsequent orders will earn terms of net 10 days upon credit approval.

Compatible envelopes are available for your convenience.

* indicates required field


2 ink colours, 8 1/2" W x 11" D
Cheque on bottom, large voucher on top
Typesetting: Helvetica
Billing address:
Viceroy International Forms accepts VISA or Mastercard. Orders cancelled or changed during process will be subject to a charge. Shipping and handling, and all applicable taxes are extra. We will send you order confirmation for your approval, before processing.