Cheques – business or personal, computer or manual

If you know which cheque you need, proceed to order. To determine which cheque is best for you, read further.

Computer printed, business cheques:

In 2 ink colours, page size (cheque and vouchers): 8 1/2″ W x 11″ D

cheques VL103, VL107, VL150Viceroy carries cheques for the most popular accounting software. Please inquire about your specific application, as we can customize cheque to your needs.

We are the trusted cheque supplier for medium and small businesses across Canada, since 1988.

All our cheques are printed on Premium security paper, and comply with the standards set out by the Payments Canada (CPA) for cheque printing. This ensures smooth processing at any Canadian financial institution.

Printed on 8½”W x 11″D Premium high security cheque stock, all of Viceroy’s cheque styles are available for your laser or ink jet printer as Standard Cheques (See below for features and colours).
Cheques are ready within 7 working days.
We recommend to call while you still have 3 weeks supply, for your peace of mind.

Viceroy's Standard Cheques, VL103, VL107, VL150Standard styles:

(1)VL103 – Has a cheque on top, with the blank voucher stub (compatible with Sage, Simply Accounting, Accpac, NewViews, Easypay and other popular softwares) on the bottom.
(2)VL248 – Has a cheque on top, with the blank voucher stub (compatible with QuickBooks) on the bottom.
(3)VL107 – Has a cheque in the middle (compatible with Abacus, Accpac, Easypay, BusinessVision), with blank voucher stub on top and bottom.
(4)VL150 – Has an extra-large voucher (with space to print Time-card and Year-to-date information) on top, with the cheque at the bottom. These are compatible with Easypay payroll and PC Law.

All the above styles are available in 1 copy, or 2- or 3- part carbonless sets, for laser and ink jet printers, with imprinting in black (in Helvetica Bold) on a choice of blue, green, red, burgundy, yellow, brown, process blue or grey background colours. Most shipments are expedited in 5 business days or less.

Manual cheques, personal cheques, handwritten cheques

To order manual cheque, in one of 3 background colours (blue, green or pink), on Premium security paper, fill in order form or call 647-378-6051.

How to order cheques for the first time:

Our ordering is secure – we do not transact payments or sensitive information online.

A sample cheque marked “VOID” from your current chequing account is best to process your first order. Otherwise, for new chequing account, please submit a MCR number from your bank, bank name and address.

Cheques' standard background coloursSpecify Imprint Information
Your company name and address as it will appear on cheque, bank name and address, how many signature lines would you like (one or two), signature lines wording (usually your company’s legal or operating name)

Specify Consecutive Numbering start number
Send logo artwork, if applicable.
Select pantograph colour – see image on the right.
All our cheques are High Security cheques.

Compatible envelopes:
Double window security lined envelope (8 3/4″ x 3 3/4″)
and single window security lined envelope (8 3/4″ x 3 3/4″) are available.

Manual (hand-written) cheques in 1-up (single cheque and voucher on the left), 2-up and 3-up (two or three cheques on a page with vouchers to the left) are available, on the same security paper as our computer printed cheques. Manual cheques are available in three background colours: blue, green or pink.