Window Envelopes

Security-lined Window Envelopes

Viceroy has an envelope to fit most cheques or forms.

For cheques use Double window self-seal envelopes W775SS or Single window standard gum-seal envelopes W776.
Security lined for confidentiality. Size: 3¾” x 8¾”.









t4 double window envelopesT4 Tax Form window envelopes are specially designed to fit Canadian T4 tax forms, available with double window, security lined or standard grey decco lining (TENV2). $136/500

TENV2 double window T4 tax form envelopes $136+HST Qty:500 (shipping in Canada included)

Please contact us for custom sales (different tax or shipping)


We also carry envelopes without lining.
Realize big savings over purchases of envelopes in small packages, in a big box stores.