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Computer Cheque VL107, cheque in the middleThis cheque form has a cheque in the middle, with blank voucher stubs on the top and bottom.

Printed on 8.5”W x 11″D security cheque stock, all of Viceroy’s cheque styles are available for your laser or ink jet printer as Standard Cheques. Our product code: VL107.

Also available in 1 part, 2 part, or 3 part carbonless sets for impact printer (VC107) or 1-part laser (VL107), with imprinting in black (in Helvetica Bold) on a choice of blue, green, yellow, red, burgundy, brown or grey background colours.

Cheque in the middle forms are used with ACCPAC® BPI and ERP, EasyPay, PC Law, Business Vision®, Dynacom®, New Views and Abacus II accounting software.
Specify which software you are using, for correct layout of your cheque.

Delivery within 7 working days. Most orders ship in 3-5 business days.
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First Order: We will review your order and send you order confirmation for your approval, before starting production.

How to order cheques:

Send a sample cheque
If you already have cheques, a sample cheque marked “VOID” with correct MCR encoding is required to process your order.
If you don’t have any cheques yet, for NEW chequing account please include MCR number, bank name and address.
Specify Imprint Information
Your company name and address as it will appear on cheque, bank name and address, signature lines wording
Specify Consecutive Numbering start number
Send logo artwork, if applicable.
Select pantograph colour.
Decide on security level (Basic, Standard or High). Basic security is already satisfying all CPA requirements.

Other cheques with cheque form positioned on the bottom: WL15001: compatible with PC Law software.